The Diablo

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The Diablo is Made of strong high grade zinc alloy and manufactured with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery, the Hand Held hand crank herb grinder is an invaluable & indispensable tool to own when it comes to grinding your herbs. Each grinder is individually tooled with CNC machinery and its diamond shaped teeth are optimally & evenly distributed for easy and efficient grinding. The next chamber contains a stainless steel micro mesh screen which allows only pollen to fall through into the last chamber, the pollen catcher comes with a SharpStone Pollen Scraper to make sure you get every last bit!

  • Four parts filter design 
  • Anodize for smooth finish 
  • Heavy duty hand crank mechanism 
  • Razor sharp cutting blades 
  • Stainless steel pollen screen 
  • Powerful neodymium magnet for tight closure 
  • Thin poly ring for smooth grinding 
  • Easy and Convenient to use 
  • Height: 54mm/2.13" 
  • Diameter: 55mm/2.17" 
  • Colors: Gun Silver, Black, Blue & Silver

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