Our 5 Favorite Strains of Weed and Why We Love Them

Our 5 Favorite Strains of Weed and Why We Love Them

Our 5 Favorite Strains of Weed and Why We Love Them


Every weed connoisseur has their favorite strain of weed. Just ask and you’re sure to get into a major discussion about the flavors, the effects and even some of the history behind every stoner’s favorite bud to light up. We’ve got our favorites here too. In no particular order, here are our 5 favorites and why we love the highs that come from them. 


  1. Blueberry Widow

True stoners know the blueberry strain. It’s pure and simple with a berry taste and has led to the creation of plenty of other delicious blue strains too. It has an astoundingly high THC content that will render you astoundingly high when you smoke it.


  1. Northern Lights

It is arguably one of the most famous strains of marijuana ever. Unless you’ve been smoking under a rock, you’ve at least heard of it. It’s legendary stuff too because it’s about as pure Indica as you can get. Perfect for the toker who just wants to chillax, it has a sweet and skunky taste.


  1. AK-47

This sativa hybrid was the result of blending from Colombia, Thailand, Mexico and Afghanistan buds. Toke it up and you’ll enjoy a bit of a happy high that’s guaranteed to satisfy any stoner.


  1. Durban Poison

It’s a pure sativa that came about from South Africa with a captivating sweet smell that carries over into the flavor as you smoke it. It’s a very energizing strain and good for when you want to smoke-out but not become one with your couch for the day.


  1. Maui Wowie

Of course, this one came from Hawaii. And any good stoner will know that iconic line from Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke: “Mostly Maui Wowie, but it’s got some Labrador in it.” Maui Wowie doesn’t disappoint. It’s like sipping frozen cocktails on the beach in Hawaii – fruity aromas and tropical flavors dance around your head.



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